Brand Building,
Made Agyle.

Applying an agile development method to the brand design process, to bring this brand to life… Fast.


A real estate business which wanted to create a uniform message across its many communications platforms, Halcyon reached out to Midfield for help. We worked out that Halcyon needed a strategy that clearly separated them from their global parent brand. This would allow them to grow independently and develop more localized and targeted messaging campaigns.

As is often the case with successful, rapidly-growing businesses, Halcyon needed us to help build their new identity on-the-fly. We quickly crafted a positioning playbook, brand identity and supporting visual assets using an agile approach to developing the tone, voice and personality. At the same time, we also worked to deploy creative assets including photography, videography, print applications and social content.

While it was a non-traditional process, the result was a sophisticated brand, built fast, and ready to sell!


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