Our People

There is nothing average about us.

Our team is made up of a diverse and often quirky set of individuals. It is cliché to say that we are all about our people.

We are, but the deeper truth is that the right ideas and a shared way of seeing things is what brings like-minded people together. That is why this team is amazing. Have a read to get to know each one of them better.


Icon / Team / Ryan

Director of Strategic Innovation

Ryan is one of Midfield’s founders. He’s got a quick and clever mind along with that great attitude that says ‘what now?’ and ‘how can we help?’. One of those kind of people who genuinely cares and gets invested.

Ryan has worked with some incredible brands such as MLSE, Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Lipton, Ivanhoe Cambridge, Fisherman’s Friend — and those are just the recent ones. Clients love him because he becomes a part of their extended team. He gets right in there and only wants to make things better and better.

A keen eye for digital transformation and new technology, he spearheads Midfields’ movement into new areas. He is one of the main reasons that our list of services expands every six months.

He has reasonable expectations as attested by his ‘deserted island’ food choice: 2″ thick cut AAA Rib-eye, coupled with a bottomless case of 2016 Luca Pinot Noir.

Oh ya, he’s also a ‘foodie’. Get him to make you something when we are allowed to congregate again.

2 Truths& 1 Lie

Pick the lie

My cousin is Joey McIntyre from NKOTB.
(That's New Kids on the Block for those born after 1985.)​
I once ‘Sweated to the oldies' live on stage with Richard Simmons
I have a naturally occurring extra hole somewhere on my body.
(please let this be the lie)

We Call It Liquid Talent

We never learn new things at our client’s expense

We know that one of the things that make us uniquely creative is that we boldly take on new challenges, figure things out and develop new skills.

But never on our client’s dime. They shouldn’t have to fund our learning curve. That’s why for every new challenge we bring on the right expert.

Liquid Talent helps us stay nimble, flexible and ready for anything.

Maybe it’s an industry consultant, or a tech engineer, coder, statistician, influencer, professor, lawyer, cultural anthropologist
— whatever the job requires!

What We
Believe In


Health & Happiness

There is power in prioritizing the health and happiness of our team.



Relationships are formed by creating shared experiences.



Harmonious design requires equal parts form & function.



Empathy is king. Always do what’s right, not what’s easy.



Never guess, learn. Never fail, learn



Loyalty and reverence are not myths. They can be earned.

à Sept?!

Pre-COVID we built a sweet little bar 
in Le Garage with a plan to host
 once-a-month cocktail parties.

Welp! Those plans were dashed…
But we look forward to opening the bar for you post-pandemic!