Le Garage

Ya, we got a garage out back. No really. We built a studio on our grounds and when we are not boxing or making tomato sauce in there we lend it out for any and all ideas to come to life. We’ll use it for photo shoots and pop ups. Just reach out if you want to rent it for your own creative moments.

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Tourné dans le garage

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Find Us

Le Garage is located in Dundas, behind the office, right beside our Coffee Truck.

And one day…  When the world is open for business again, we will invite you to join us for one of our infamous Cinq à sept cocktail parties, or to go for a hike in the woods, and maybe, just maybe, if COVID allows it, you can come see the space for yourself.

Until then, you will just have to take our word for it…
It’s pretty sweet.

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Drop Us A Line

Need A Space To Shoot? A Flexible Studio Space? A Spot To Pop-up Your Event? A Place To Hideout From Your Husband And Children?!?

We can accommodate.

We have disabled the booking button for obvious reasons. We long for the days we can put it back!