Canadian  Digital Adoption Program

Access up to $17,400 in government grants to digitally transform upgrade grow elevate redefine power-up amplify boost optimize strengthen augment magnify your business

Access up to $17,400 in government grants to
digitally transform upgrade grow elevate redefine power-up amplify boost optimize strengthen augment magnify
your business

What is CDAP?

The Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) is a government initiative, pledging a total funding of $4 billion to support and accelerate the digital transformation of small and medium-sized businesses across Canada. With a firm commitment to fostering innovation and driving economic growth, CDAP aims to empower businesses with the tools and resources needed to thrive in the digital age.

Canada Digital Adoption Program Grant Streams

Grow Your Business Online Grant

With CDAP’s support, businesses can elevate their online capabilities through the “Grow Your Business Online Grant” which provides up to $2,400 in funding. This grant empowers businesses to set up e-commerce functionalities and capitalize on the ever-growing online market, boosting their reach and sales potential.

Receive up to $2,400 to set up e-commerce functionalities and help grow your business online. This can help with the costs related to the actual execution of adopting e commerce strategies.

Boost Your Business Technology Grant

The “Boost Your Business Technology Grant” is a game-changer for businesses looking to revolutionize their operations. Boasting a substantial plan worth up to $15,000, this grant covers the costs associated with devising and implementing a comprehensive digital adoption strategy. By leveraging the latest digital technologies and innovative strategies, businesses can optimize workflows, minimize inefficiencies, and enhance overall productivity.

Get a plan worth up to $15,000 on digital technologies and strategies that can help streamline your business. The BYBT grant is for costs related to building a digital adoption plan only.

You are eligible for CDAP and Growing your business online if:

  • You are a for-profit business (Including for-profit social enterprises and co-operatives).
  • You are registered or incorporated.
  • You are consumer-facing (Sells goods and services directly to end customers).
  • You have at least one other employee (other than the owner) OR had a least $30,000 in annual revenue in the most recent tax year.
  • You will commit to maintaining a digital adoption strategy for six months
  • You agree to participate in follow-up surveys, share data about the experience, and have its name published as a grant recipient.

"Boost Your Business Technology" Grant Eligibility Criteria if:

  • You are incorporated federally or provincially, or you are a Canadian resident sole proprietor.
  • Your business is Canadian-owned and privately operated.
  • Your business employs between 1 to 499 employees.
  • Your business generated at least $500,000 in annual revenue in one of the last three tax years.

CDAP Eligibility Criteria.
Do You Qualify For Funding?

The eligibility requirements for each grant differ. If you are unsure which stream is for you…

In Summary

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Sole proprietors or businesses

Incorporated under the laws of Canada or a province/territory

Full time equivalent employees between 1-499


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$500,000 to 100M annual revenues in one of the previous three years

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Privately owned

Meet all requirements to be deemed a Canadian-controlled Private Corporation (CCPC)

CDAP Application Process

The CDAP application process is relatively simple. See our helpful infographics below:

Although we cannot submit the application for you, we’re here to help guide you through the process.

Boost your Business Technology with Midfield

Why Midfield

You're in good company

How Can Midfield Help You?

We love digital technologies because they help us push boundaries of what is possible. It all starts with strategy, understanding your company and your goals.

Our e-commerce Advisors and registered CDAP Digital Advisors are ready to create your digital adoption plan.

All we need to get started is your Digital Needs Assessment and 30 minutes of your time.

Midfield CDAP | Payback Loan Calculator

Midfield can help you payback your interest free Digital loan of up to $100,000.

Our plans have a payback schedule tied to them to ensure your digital enhancements pay for themselves over the length of the loan.


What does the digital exaction loan cover?

Additional Funding to Execute your Digital Plan

Business Development Bank of Canada Loan

Developing your strategic plan and roadmap are just the beginning. Are you in need of a loan to help implement your digital adoption plan? Once your plan is approved all eligible businesses can apply for a loan of up to $100,000 through the Business Development Bank Of Canada.

Better yet, it’s interest free!

You simply apply for the loan in your portal after your plan is approved.

Frequently Asked CDAP Questions

A highly experienced Account Manager and A Digital Advisor who have developed successful digital strategies will be assigned to create your Digital Adoption Plan. You might also get to meet a partner or two.

Unfortunately no. Only the owner or director can submit the application. However, a digital expert can support you with information on how to do this.

Absolutely, you can receive advisory services for each eligible company that meets the requirements. Separate applications will be required.

While the execution is not actually covered by the Boost Your Business Technology Grant, our digital services cover everything in your digital adoption plan.

Having carved out your strategic roadmap, Midfield would be in the best position to lead the implementation of your business adopting new digital technologies.

Yes! You can apply for the up to $100,000 interest free loan through the Business Development Bank of Canada to put towards the implementation of new technology.

If you have accessed funding through the Programme Audit Industrie 4.0, Digital Boost 2.0 or the Digital Acceleration Pilot then you are not eligible for the Boost Your Business Technology grant. You may still qualify for a $100,000 interest free loan through BDC.

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